Discover the Magic of Customized Living Spaces with the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata: Interior World

Discover the Magic of Customized Living Spaces with the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata: Interior World

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Transform your house into a home with Interior World's expert design services tailored to your unique style and needs.

At Interior World MKT, we offer more than just design; we offer a partnership in creating spaces that truly reflect your personal style and meet your specific needs. Our success is not just built on skill and creativity but on our honest, dedicated approach to each project, whether it's for a private residence or a government contract.

Our Philosophy: Excellence through Collaboration

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who has been part of our journey—customers, vendors, employees, clients, and stakeholders. Our achievements stem from a collaborative effort, underscoring our appreciation for our associates at Property World and all who support us. We view every challenge as a chance to excel and, with our combined expertise, we've turned potential obstacles into stepping stones towards significant achievements.
We are grateful for the trust you place in us, and we are committed to honoring that trust by delivering outstanding service and exceeding your expectations with every project.

Why Choose Interior World?

Located in the heart of Kolkata, Interior World MKT has been acknowledged by the West Bengal Government for our distinguished work. Our scope includes extensive government projects and private residences, showcasing our versatility and commitment to excellence.

Our Services Include:

Modular Kitchen Designing: Tailored Functionality and Style

Modular Kitchen Designing: Experience the blend of functionality and durability with our modular kitchen designs. Our kitchens are crafted with a variety of cabinet sizes, baskets, and essential accessories, customizable to your specific modules, colors, and needs.

Featured Designs:

Slate Grey Modular Kitchen: Enjoy a sleek design with wall-to-wall cabinets, a chimney, a hob, and a tall unit equipped with essential electrical gadgets for a modern culinary space.

Articulated Parallel Kitchenette: This parallel layout maximizes space efficiency with base and wall cabinets on both sides, equipped with electrical gadgets, modular baskets with soft closing channels, and a sink.

Cooking Gallery: Designed for small spaces, this setup includes all necessary white goods such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and OTG oven, ensuring maximum utility and efficient space management.

Fashionable Cuisine: A vibrant kitchen featuring frosted glass cabinets and a utility balcony, perfect for those who love a bright and jazzy aesthetic.

Utility Storage Space: A colorful, tall cabinet setup with electronic gadgets, open shelves, and ample closed storage to keep your kitchen organized.
Kitchen with Breakfast Counter: A composite kitchen featuring a breakfast counter topped with imported granite and complemented by a warm false ceiling, creating a cozy dining area.

Well Ventilated Cookhouse: A seamless and maintenance-friendly design with overhead cabinets for storage, a washbowl, and a drain board, ideal for keeping your cooking area tidy and breathable.

Spread-Out Cookery: A parallel kitchen design with a side view, featuring glass hydraulic cabinets and extensive closed storage units for a streamlined look.
L-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen: A modern single-shade kitchen with a stainless steel profile handle, four-burner hob, and bright glossy tiles, offering a stylish and functional cooking environment.

Bedroom Interior Design: Crafting Your Personal Sanctuary

Bedroom Interior Design: Transform your bedroom from just a room into a masterpiece! Explore a myriad of options for layouts, colors, shapes, soft furnishings, and themes to create a space that’s not just for sleep, but also for relaxation and socializing.

Featured Bedroom Styles:

Transformation To Ultimate Refuge: Master your favorite design style with tall, veneer-finish wooden wardrobes featuring charcoal highlighters for a sleek, modern look.

Eclectic Mish-Mash Bedroom: A creative blend of various colors and textures, this bedroom features wallpaper that curates a distinctive and highly functional space.
Scandinavian Style Bedroom: Embrace a clean, breezy vibe with this aesthetically tailored bedroom, featuring a tall wall mirror and a textured back wall for a serene retreat.

Bedroom With Study: Combine traditional richness in colors and regal furniture, including a master suite with an antique tufted appearance for a classic, sophisticated setting.

Art Deco Eye-Catching Suite: Step into a world of glamour with a bold, dramatic tufted headboard that makes this bedroom a vibrant and luxurious haven.
Luxurious Bedroom With Curtains: Features a laminated bed with padded headboard and side units, complemented by mirror paneling, creating a plush and inviting ambiance.

Elegance At Its Height: Experience the pinnacle of luxury with a long, padded bed highlighted by louvers and wardrobes with rose gold handles against elegant marble finish laminates.

Bedroom With Charcoal Highlighter: This contemporary setup includes a queen-sized padded bed with side tables and enhanced charcoal highlighters, alongside a designer beveled mirror and a chic artifact.

Personified Brightness: Optimize your space with a wardrobe cum workstation, comfortable seating near the window, and a display section along with a bed, blending functionality with brightness.

Living Room: Where Inspiration, Modernity, and Creativity Come to Life

Living Room: It's not just a living room unless it inspires creativity and exudes modernity! Designed for social and leisure activities, our living rooms are equipped with comfortable sofas, chairs, decorative partitions, and a media unit with a TV, making it the entertainment hub for every family member.

Featured Living Room Styles:

Revolving TV with Louver Pattern: A sitting area featuring opulent poufs with golden strips and a louver-pattern TV unit, blending luxury with functionality.
Intimate Living Room: This cozy setup includes a bar unit balcony with wooden ceiling posts and a royal blue sofa set, perfect for personal gatherings.
Wooden Ceiling Living Room: A warm, chestnut-look wooden panel behind the sofa complements the louver-patterned ceiling, creating a harmonious and inviting space.

Decorative Mandir cum Crockery Unit: Royal embedded fabric chairs and a mahogany dining table sit in front of a mandir with wooden drawers, integrating dining and spiritual decor.

Crafting in Black & White: Features an attached kitchen door with frosted glass that maintains a theme of singularity within a lifestyle living space.

Outstretched Wall Unit: A spread-out living room with a mahogany beige theme and contrasting comfortable seating arrangements for a spacious feel.

Entertainment Unit: Includes a decorative partition for dining that creates a foyer-like feel within the living room, perfect for entertaining guests.

Reflective Classic Dining Space: A Satwario marble-feel flooring pairs with a wooden dining table, glass artifacts, and a ceiling chandelier to foster a sophisticated dining experience.

Elaborate Laminate Cabinetry: A TV wall unit with storage and display capabilities optimizes space along the passage, making every inch count.

Elegant Furnishing with Antiques: High-arm crafted chairs, accent displays, and a lavish temple area enhance the living space with a touch of antiquity.

Golden Touch across: Adds an expensive touch with comfy fabric and intricate wood patterns on wall cabinets, enriching the room's aesthetic.

Intricate Pairing of Furniture: Features amazing glass cabinets with hydraulic mechanisms and a complete TV paneling along with display niches, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Space-Saving Furniture: Maximizing Comfort in Minimal Spaces

Space-Saving Furniture: Every inch counts in creating a homey atmosphere! Our space-saving furniture pieces are transformable, offering multiple functionalities within a single compact design. From folding dining tables that convert into wall paneling to multifunctional beds with storage, these innovative solutions are perfect for optimizing limited spaces.

Featured Space-Saving Solutions:

Wooden Look Twins: A customized bed unit featuring integrated storage and drawers, set against a world map wallpaper to inspire and organize.
Strips Wallpaper: A soothing color scheme defines this space with a sofa cum bed, study table, and small niches, perfect for relaxation and productivity.
Multifunctional Furnishing: A portable bed equipped with a multifunctional shelf and sit-out area, ideal for adaptable living conditions.

Snow White Artistry: Utilize every corner with storage cabinets and a cot bed underneath, accompanied by a study table and a scenic sit-out backdrop.
Queen Size Foldable Bed: L-shaped sofa and a foldable bed with surrounding storage and shelves utilize vertical space effectively, blending functionality with style.

Kid's Play Zone: Convertible pouffee, a two-seater sofa, and a small bed create a dynamic play area for children, enabling easy adaptation from playtime to bedtime.
A Photograph!: A wall-mounted hidden dining table transforms seamlessly into a large photograph frame, offering a dual-purpose fixture that saves space and decorates.

Nanoscopic Room: Combine aesthetics with utility through a sofa cum drawer set, complemented by overhead designer cabinets, beautiful shelves, and doors.
Iconic Lounge Bench: Bold colors and a multipurpose design make this lounge bench a statement piece in any small yet astoundingly functional bedroom.

Home Office: Optimize Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity

Home Office: A home office is more than just a workspace; it's one of the greatest investments in your productivity and comfort. Designed by the best interior designers, our home offices are tailored to be functional and stylish, minimizing clutter with smart storage solutions and the right lighting to create an ideal work environment.

Featured Home Office Designs:

Nifty Comfortable Workstation: Combines the flow of a mainstream office with the comfort of home, featuring a pretentious sofa cum bed for relaxing breaks.
Indoor Workspace: Bright and sunny, this setup enhances comfort and productivity, making it a pleasant space for long work hours.
Long-Stretched Notion: A clean and minimalistic design with whites and grays, equipped with a soft board and overhead file cabinets for organization.
The Comfortable Rug: A distraction-free zone with one-tone wall color and iron finish bookshelves for a serene and focused work area.
Beach View Workstation: Featuring wooden floors and runners along the table, this office space offers a tranquil beach view outside, perfect for calming the mind and inspiring thought.
Behind-the-Scenes: Maximizes under-staircase areas with built-in storage file cabinets, turning often wasted spaces into valuable office territory.
Lavish Home Base: A luxurious setting categorized by wooden filing cabinets, profile lights, bookshelves, and high curtain falls, blending elegance with functionality.
Entrepreneur Suite: Designed for the sophisticated professional with vertical blinds, walnut wooden flooring, self-textured wallpaper, and subtle grey storage options.
Mezzanine Cabinets: A flexible mezzanine setup with shared multiple sit-outs, ideal for collaborative projects or when additional workspace is needed.

Meet Our Pioneers

Bibhash Kundu: With 15 years of experience, Bibhash brings a wealth of knowledge in space planning and aesthetic functionality, delivering designs that perfectly balance beauty and practicality.
Ashis Barik: Known for his unique and thoughtful design solutions, Ashis has spent over 14 years crafting spaces that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of his clients.
Swapan Mal: Swapan’s 12-year career is highlighted by his passionate approach to creating functional and visually appealing living spaces.

Ready to Redefine Your Space?

At Interior World MKT, your vision is our blueprint. With a strong team ready to transform your ideas into reality, we invite you to experience the difference professionalism and creativity can make in your next interior design project. Contact us today to begin your journey to a more beautiful, personalised living space.

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